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Madonna is copying Guy Boudin?

Madonna is facing legal action after the son of a French fashion photographer accused her of copyright infringement.

Guy Bourdin, born in Paris in 1928, was best known for his work with French Vogue who published his photographs from the 1950s to the 1980s. He died in 1991.

Samuel Bourdin argues that the singer's most recent promotional video, 'Hollywood' directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino, included images that mirrored those taken by his late father. To see the images side by side click: Hollywood

The recent lawsuit, filed in the US District Court in Manhattan, accuses Madonna of copyright infringement for imitating images in at least 11 Boudin works.

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More images of the Hollywood video can be found here at Madonna online.

Saluting Madonna with a remix of her by now infamous (zdnetnews) "what the fuck do you think you're doing" mp3 - 595Kb (red white and blue) mp3 from viewsician.com

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In reflection, is there anything Madonna hasn't borrowed from?

Dabitch's picture

haha, my thoughts exactly, she's like a visual DJ sampling from all the classic icons.

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Honestly, when I first saw
this image I thought Madonna's videos became the pop trivia quiz of popculture, she reinvents what we learned in Art History and only the bits she overheard.

tlevitz's picture

aw, you all beat me to it with the exception of one qualifier: her first incarnation.

After a while, perhaps there's really no place left to go?

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At least her "remake" of the photographs was OK and didn't suck like her remake of Swept Away. And hopefully, Guy Richie won't follow in her high-heeled footsteps!

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Madonna has always 'borrowed' from prior art - her Material Girl video nods to Marilyn in Diamonds are a girls best friend. Her Vogue video mimics this HORST Mainbocher Corset, Paris, 1939 shot - Madonnas version - lets not forget the "Metropolis" video. No artist creates without influences, Madonna is no exception.

I think that Bourdin has a case. It'll be interesting to see what develops.

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Madonna has made a living ripping people off. She has never had an original idea and likely will not in the future. It's actually a testiment to how clever she is, because she has built an empire with very little actual talent or skill, fueled by a pathetic appetite by the public for anything Madonna. It's kinda sad.

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after reading that I think that he has a case.
Ironic somehow, after her little "what the fuck do you think youre doing" soundtrack - we might as well ask her that in regards to nearly every video in her career!

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Daily Telegraph:

MADONNA has been forced to pay $638,000 after copying ideas from a well-known artist without permission in one of her videos.
Madonna, made the out-of-court settlement after admitting the video for her song Hollywood was inspired by the late French erotic photographer Guy Bourdin.

cheers Clayton!