Marketing Sherpa's 2nd Ad-Blog survey

Holy Cow! Adland has again ended up on Marketing Sherpa's Readers Choice Awards list for ad blogs!

They've grouped their readers' fave blogs and they are ready to be rated by you! This year's winner takes home fame, glory and a Marketing Sherpa coffee mug! Take a minute and vote for your faves.

Categories include: Individual Weblogs (hey, mine is nominated! wow!), group blogs (AdLand's category), PR Blogs, B2B marketing blogs, Blogs on Small Biz, Online Marketing Blogs, Niche Marketing Blogs, Search Marketing Blogs and Blogs in Other Languages. So, take a 'mo and vote!

Last year thanks to all of you, AdLand won a great big tee! Here's our sexy Dab showing it off:

Anonymous Adgrunt's picture
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Dabitch's picture

If the coffee-mug is just as big it'll be a perfect fit for me. ;)

But caff, you're too damn humble check it out, Cup Of Java nominated under personal blogs, now everyone go vote for Caff, she frickin' deserves a great big mug to keep her caffinated beverages in! :))

caffeinegoddess's picture

aww shucks, thanks Dab! I did include a link to my blog in the post. ;) Too subtle I guess ;)

Dabitch's picture

Toot louder m'dear. ;)
Didya notice, Media Culpa and Mediafact (Marketingfacts) are nominated as well.

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