Marmite Blob Advert Restricted

Media Guardian reports that the Marmite "Love it or Hate it" Blob spot was pulled from kids' TV. The ad, created by DDB London, spoofs the classic 1950s sci-fi horror film The Blob has been banned from kids' TV and TV shows kids' might be viewing (like Pop Idol) because it gave children nightmares. And it terrified two- and three-year-olds into refusing to watch television, the Advertising Standards Authority said.

The ad shows a large blob of Marmite squelching its way through the center of a busy main street, with some who try to out run it and others who happily run towards it and dive in head first. The ad can be viewed here at Marmite's web site.

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Well, if not scary there's something a bit weird about a women licking some brown sticky stuff she's found on the road. Guess it takes all sorts. I'm also reminded about a story from the Scottish comedian Billy Connolly who managed to get some Vegemite (Marmite for Australians) on his sheets while having breakfast in bed while travelling in Australia. Obviously, having a brown stain on his sheets was bad enough but you can imagine the look of disgust by the person from room service when they came to collect the plates to find Billy Connolly licking the brown stain off his sheets. Somehow pointing to the empty Vegemite container didn

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Hahaha.. That is funny. :)

God I love the Blob, the movie that is. This ad, pretty funny....

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Oh pfft, vegemite is far more superior to marmite :)
Having said that, I'd prefer Promite to both of the other two any day.

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