Men in Skirts!

making fun of scottish kilts and bathroom signs at the same time. Whoa. How original.

Heads up to our mate Milagos who spotted these two "they we're both on the Cannes short list" twins. Unfortunately - we are a little short of credits here and would love to include them, if anyone finds out whodunit... Naturally, you can agree, disagree, or just say something...

Sign on both the left and right restroom door show figures with skirts.

Tagline reads: Choose Scotland. A place alike. (haaheahahaheheheha agh! a place I like! My god! They got away with that?)

Aaaaaaah - another one!

tagline/headline "a list of instructions from the brewers of scotch ale"

Moral of the story: Any gag about them darn kilts is already done. And don't even go near that "no underwear" stereotype, thats *really* been done. K?

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hehehe - kilts cramp creative style....