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MiniBrother - Big brother in a Mini

A new link submission we'd like to alert y'all too is this Mini Brother link, it's just like the show Big Brother, but in a Mini.
Windows media only. (i'm sowwy)

Update on credits: Created by Meme Digital a digital and viral hot shop in Soho, London. Memedigital is affiliated to WCRS, which is part of the Arnold Network.

Creatives: Dan Fisher, Anson Harris and Mark Nicholson - the spots were shot by Steve Sander of Quiet Storm.

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I get short of rating points! I wanna give it a ten... or a twenty! This is hilarious. Totally stupid. I was so taken that I wondered how they did when nature called ;) ...

The BB-concept is generous on doing creative spin-offs. A swedish semi-youthTVprogram called "Raggadish" did a couple of totally insane parts on the concept.

In Mini it's so perfect! The feeling of claustrophobia, all the parts that made Big Brother a success: the stabs in the back, the sex, the secrets come alive...

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Just brilliant.
And also very funny.

Anyone know who did it?

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Just updated with the credits; MemeDigital

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Haaaa! That was great. But why only crummy windows media?

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Cuz PC rules the world? ;)

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