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The most foulmouthed of them all...

So who won the PottyMouthTM baby-T?
Chad Rea and me got together, to judge the best slogan of the lot.

Chad: "Hmm . . . lots of good suggestions, only two winners. So, what should the judging criteria be, then?"

Db: " It has to fit on a baby's belly? Short and Sweet?"

Chad: "Some people actually made intelligent comments on current social issues/attitudes. Unfortunately, the
concepts were limited to a specific country or not 'universal' truths. And, most importantly, Potty Mouth doesn't take itself seriously."

Db: "Made in Pinto" would have been better if it was made in VW. No, I'm kidding.

Chad: "Some concepts were gender specific to the babies. It's better if they can work for both sexes, no?"

Db: There are only two sexes?

Chad: "And finally, some people had great ideas, but their lines needed a bit of tweaking."

Chad: "So, what I looked for were slogans that could go to print today, be worn by both boys and girls tomorrow, and
give humorless twats something to email me about for weeks to come."

Db: "I bet you save those emails in a scrapbook."

Chad: "So without further ado, second place prize goes to Clayton , for "Absolut Accident". Normally, I hate
advertising spoofs and puns, but I kept coming back to this one. Babies and alcohol go hand in hand-fact! And
although subtlety disguised in pop culture language, the underlying message is quite harsh. Nice double-take

Db: "Agreed - it's a universal make-us-grin truth. Plus Clayton should win for overzealousness. He's just like that though. Haha"

Chad: "First prize goes to Elgh for "I've been in mom's vagina." I like this slogan because it's a bit flat and
quirky. It doesn't try too hard or use advertising language. It's true. It's innocent. And borderline
tasteful-it says 'vagina' instead of 'cunt'. However, I can imagine it's still offensive to some. It opens up
a whole other can of worms amongst the anal retentive, especially those familiar with the film Spanking the

Db: "I've been in Mom's vagina reminds me of a Joakim Pirinen comic where the child who has just learned where babies come from proudly tells his father: "I've been further up mommies c*nt than you!". Oh wait, that was just like me to spot some predecessor to anything at all. Scratch that comment from the record. Dang good comic though. As a PottyMouthTM slogan - yeah - there's another universal truth we can't argue with."

Chad: "Thanks for playing."

Db: "Yeah, I'll just go out and post these T's to you guys, Clayton and Elgh. :)"

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