Move over Bateman - your business card sucks!

Is it bone, eggshell or off-white? Oh my God, it even has a watermark. No! It doesn't matter it sucks anyway says this guy who spent 25 years designing a business card that won't fit in a rolodex, and who even has better hair than Bateman. Thanks The Denver Egotist

And for you guys who missed it in the cinema: Psycho: Business Card Scene.


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I am overwhelmed with one thought: DICK!

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You can not argue with a die-cut pop-up biz-card. (I think I hurt myself hyphenating there)

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hahaha. the whole evangelistic tone of his voice really sold me. Hallelujah. ;)

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He brings down the house, GUARANTEED!

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I'm surprised that confetti/candy doesn't fly out of it when he opens it up.

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When the card popped up I almost fell off my chair.

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It's Joel Bauer;