The Mummy in Badland - UPC vs some Egyptian rent-a-car

Here's a Badlander sure to amuse, and horrify, all ye adgrunts out there.

No, not because there's a scary mummy in the ad, and not even because the mummy in the ad is played by one of the adgrunts here who did the ad - but because there's been yet another a case of recycling the ad image, not approved by anyone. Certainly not the model and photographer and creator of the original ad.

Original (above): Shot in Egypt starring adgrunt HaHaSoup as the mummy. Might as well model for your own ad when you're hidden in toilet paper anyway.

Copy (below): spotted in Egypt by a colleague on holiday in Egypt who was armed with a phone-camera. Take that copy-catters! We've got spies all around the globe!

Tssk tssk. Someone needs to fork out some dough to the photographer.

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I hope the photographer sent AutoMotowhatsit a giant bill.

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Hey, I know that guy...

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But his handsome face is all obscured! ;P