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My super proposal - a superbowl proposal.

OoooOh, here's a new twist in the cyberbegging genre (save Karyn, Milliondollarpixels, etcetera) - this dude wants to propose to his girl with a super bowl ad. Yup.

No it gets better - as if the chick won't dump him for blowing all that money on a damn ad instead of say I dunno, a massive house with a tennis court and a pool and it's own drawbridge - he's begging for the superbowl ad money paypal donation style. Mysuperproposal.com has raised $61,931 so far - only two odd million dollars left to go then. This is probably not what it seems, but y'all probably figured that too.

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Dabitch's picture

Ten bucks says his girlfriend knows by now - HA!

caffeinegoddess's picture

Maybe he should try contacting DeBeers...they could sponsor him and give him a ring to present to the gal. ;)

Dabitch's picture

My Spider sense say this thing is concucted by DeBeers - or similar wedding related client.

andromeda's picture

It's probably just a classic scam. He'll give "some" of the money to charity if he can't get enough for a super bowl ad.

Dabitch's picture

Lets assume for a moment that it is real and this dude intends to propose via a huge superbowl ad. Ok. There is nothing around the website that indicates the Missus-to-be is a massive football fan, so the choice of media placement seems directed more at getting him attention (and/or lots of moolah) rather than fulfill the perfect proposal for his bride to be. It's more about football/attention and less about her. Not good.

Also, how much does he need to get the ad money and cover the taxes? Hmmm?

The moneycount jumped from a thousand to sixty pretty damn fast. Odd.

No, it smells funky.

caffeinegoddess's picture

If it is real, and he gets all these people to give him money for a superbowl spot that airs nationally...it would be rather hilarious if she said no. Again, assuming this is on the level, which I have trouble believing it is.