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Mystery 'ad campaign' for the Hijab. Lollipops need to cover up?

I really want to know if this is a real ad, and who did it. What is it saying? Are women lollipops? Are men flies, or are the flies representative of "evil thoughts"? The text with this ad reads “You can’t stop them, but you can protect yourself.” (or so the arabist says and since I don't read arabic I'll take his word for it)

Web trail: The Arabist got it via an email forward, soon Sandmonkey picked it up, Andrew Sullivan weighed in, Adfreak spotted it and Gawker laughed at it in "Baby Let Me Rub My Thorax On Your Sweet Candy Face". Since the Arabist "received it as a completely random (but genuine-looking) email forward" I really couldn't say for sure if this campaign is a real ad campaign or not. What do you think, or do you know more details about this campaign?

I don't see anything that looks like a logo on this image. Even Egyptian(?) pro-Hajib orgs would have some sort of logo, no?

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I think it's fake and designed to get a rise out of everyone. Success!

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Since arabic reads from right to left... wouldn't the image on the right be read first?

What's the controversial bit? I guess I don't get it?

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> wouldn't the image on the right be read first?

Exactly, it's the classic A & B advertising, before and after - the lollipop on the right has no hajib and is surrounded by flies, the after images shows lollipop/woman with cover/hajib and flies/men simply pass it by.

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Looks pretty fake to me. Like you say, there's nothing resembling a logo in the ad.

Interesting to read the comments on the linked sites.

If self-restraint and mutual respect cannot be exercised by the male gender of a species infinitely more developed than that of the common housefly, BRING OUT THE BUGSPRAY!

That 'ad' is insulting to men, women and muslims. I don't wish to be compared to a fly, thank you.

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And of course the covered lolly has the green background....

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Touché! I didn't even reflect on that but green is quite important symbolically.

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There are enough adgrunts here that can read this, anyone of you guys care to guess or know if this ad is real?

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I think it's aimed at Muslim models who are too skinny and therefore have that lollipop head; you may have seen this look on those Olsen twins and many other Hollywood(en) 'stars'.

And, like so many of those models and filmstars, this is fake fake fake.

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Still.. Anyone here able to read it properly, shed some more light on the matter?