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Naked soccer players selling pizza

Grey Oslo (Norway) created a sexy campaign using the naked bodies of their national soccer team players to sell pizza and chinese food, the campaign was almost banned.

When the ads ran this summer, a hot debate ensued in Norways leading papers, editorials about it ran in Aftenposten, VG and Vårt Land, and two TV news shows brought it up as well. Way to go on the free publicity guys.

Many people reported the campaign to the Forbrukerombudet as it was in their opinion breaking the basic rules: "Advertisers and those who create them shall make sure the ads are not against equality between the sexes, nor using either genders body [as attention grabber] or gives the impression of a offensive or condesending attitude of woman or man"

Want to see the offending ad?

Norweigan pun: Skinke = translates as 'Ham' and is also a word for 'buttock'. Everyone has two buttocks, except that guy in the Monthy Pytthon skit who had three. ;)

So the headline, er, buttockline, reads : Ham (buttock) and mushrooms - a popular pizza.

The ad made it through the threat of banning, just barely - had the advertisement depicted a naked woman the outcome may or may not have been different.

Gry Nergård, from the Forbrukerombudet says "there is no relation between the naked man and the pizza, but there has to be quite a lot before an advert can be considered discriminating against men"

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