Nazi Meat.

The illustrator who traced the old Nazi Germany propaganda poster was by no means trying to imply that american beef (and it's eaters) were Nazi's. We think.

Nazi Meat?
This ad was spotted by Noah Spurrier. You might, as a reflex, begin to rub your eyes here. It is like seeing double isn't it?

"Take away the cowboy hat and chaps, change the shirt color from white to brown, substitute a swastika for the longhorn tie, and what does the advertisement look like? A Hitler youth poster from World war II Germany.Fleming which has distributed the posters to IGA, Thriftway, Piggly Wiggly, United Super and hundreds of other supermarkets across the country, says the striking resemblance is only a coincidence. "We're not trying to send out any subliminal Nazi messages" says spokesperson Cheryl Hudak.

I don't know what is scarier. The fact that there posters are so similar or that there is a supermarket chain named Piggly Wiggly! .

Spotted in Newsweek issue, June 27 1988 - the artist of the meat poster claims he was "working from a photograph of a real live model".
Honey, people stopped posing like that in the forties. A real stiff model would be the correct wording. Honestly, it looks like the illustrator traced the Nazi-poster!

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