New Media Elite - corrected

Remember when att:ention magazine put yours truly on a list of "new media elite", and misspelled my name? (post here) Well, they've run a correction in the new issue, after I emailed and threatened "If you don't run a correction, I'll burn this mag". Here's a photo of the letters to the editor page. Seems they have a sense of humor after all.

Those who get the reference win a beer.

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Damn. I already owe you LOADS of beer man.

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DAMN! I was gonna say that.... (Of course, I know what happened in the next issue of Nat Lamp - regarding the dog)...

I coulda used the beer....

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Wow, Dabitch. Loved to see your picture. Guess now you have lots of new brazilian admirers...

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Hehe - had you guessed the reference I guess I owe you a Caipirinha. Come claim it in Cannes! ;)

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Damn, now I owe everybody drinks. I guess I'll have a party. :P

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Bishop's Finger and Guinness all around. :) Oh and some chocolate stout for good measure.

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While that photo is funny, it's poor style of the magazine to not publish a proper corrections box, instead relying on your letter to point out their mistake.

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Dabitch wrote: Damn, now I owe everybody drinks. I guess I'll have a party.

Bottle and Glass

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Hahahaha. Perfect, I'll need to learn that trick. ;)