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New winterfresh campaign

It's viral, integrated, but most importantly, it just might make you laugh. Check out coolbreathpower.com, the TV spots are on it too. And a song and other enjoyable things. We are in the process of adding more cool stuff. The work was created by Energy BBDO.

Jose Luis Martinez, art director Alexandra Tyler, writer Jake Hawley, graphic designer Sean Donohue/Jason Zada, creative directors Bobby Pawar/Miles Turpin, group creative directors Marty Orzio, chief creative officer Nick Mitrousis, technical lead Karl Ackerman, illustrator Lisi Howell, production artist Kat Hunter, producer Justin Acuff/Sadie Weyher, project managers Energy BBDO/EVB, project design and development Wrigley Winterfresh, client

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Makes me laugh AND want a breath mint - which is the point.

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Reminds me a bit of that "end of the world" swf from a couple years ago with the animation style and accent. w-t-f. ;)

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Poser is user # 72832, commenter joshatadland is user number 72851 - both have no other posts or comments to their name. Hyping your own stuff perhaps?

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oh dear, "poser" was a freudian misspelling.

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Works though.
Besides, it's nice to know that old users live by that old you earn your reputation here and check new posters/members pages out by clicking their links. 851 and 832 area few numbers away though, cut'em some slack. ;)

Anyway, if you're upfront with it being your work, that's cool by me.

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I wish there was video case studies of interactive work from the past