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The next Nike/Tiger commercial?

Jaffe Juice has created a new Nike ad which he humbly describes "It's a tribute to Tiger. It's a tribute to Creativity. It's the embodiment of everything the Nike brand stands for."
Some may say that slapping a tag onto an actual even isn't what they call creative, others might point out that by slapping nike-logos all over Tiger he already is a walking commercial 24/7, but hey, it's fun all the same with fan-advertising. (Fanvertising?)
The most goosebumps golf-moment ever is when Tiger chips a ball onto the green at the 16th hole which rolls around nicely just to teeter at the edge of the cup displaying it's Nike logo for a moment before dropping into the hole. (*gasp*!) If it hadn't happened on national TV, you'd think it was faked. If Nike wants this they better get on the horn to Augusta National Golf Club and start begging for the rights to this footage now.

The ad can be seen of Jaffe Juice in .wmv format, and there is a mirror at morningcoffeenotes.

See also TV close-up of hesitant golf ball scores for Nike in USAToday.

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I am a "some may sayer" then on this "creation".

How is this "creating" an ad?

What's next?

Tiger takes a dump.

Just do it.

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If it was truly creative it would be in Quicktime format. ;)

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I thought Nike dropped "Just do it" on most of their new ads. It should just pull to the swoosh in the endslate, or just pull up the swoosh next to the hole. And it could easily be edited to a :30. But I do think it'd make a nice, simple spot; the hestitation even implies that ball did some of the work: i.e., to play like Tiger, just use Tiger's ball.

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I may have been a may-sayer as well, though the sarcasm may not have come across.

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Did Nike really go out and make an ad out of this?

The comment from howling fantods at Metafilter reads: it was only a matter of time. i saw the ad this morning. its essentially the raw footage with the following white text on black screen interspersed:

"We gave you a wedge that gives you more feel"
"We gave you a ball with better control"
and closing with:
"And you couldn't even line up the logo"
(i'm paraphrasing here, but that's the gist of it)

Did Nike really make an ad out of that footage? Another twist is the web page http://www.howdiditgoin.com/ where lots of 'fun' films are available for download, each reprsenting a theory on why the ball finally fell into the hole. The domain HOWDIDITGOIN.COM is owned by Domains by Proxy, Inc. which is another way of saying it's clearly a viral campaign out of the headquarters of w+k.