Nikon uses photographers image in ad, without the rights.

Lee Tae-young is a full time fireman and part time photographer, and as the latter he tends to check out camera ads more than most people. Much to his suprise he found one of his own photographs in an ad for the Nikons new D50 - yet nobody had asked him for permission to publish it clearly infringing his copyright.

See the ad and images at Quesabesde and read more - if you can read Spanish.

That's not the worst of it though, the camera that actually appears in Lee Tae-Youngs photograph is a Canon 300D. Nikon has simply photoshopped the Nikon name onto the Canon.

The ad agency that made the ad explains that they had taken the image from Lee Tae-youngs website in order to use as reference.

"For reference, we have collected some photos from Internet sites including Lee's. But by our mistake, Lee's photo was used for the Internet ad," Kang Jun-shik, a manager at the ad agency told The Korea Times. Kang admitted that he didn't even get Lee's approval to use his photo as a reference.
Hat tip to adgrunt Mikker

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