Non Smoking Generations new campaign - all lies.


A non smoking generation in Sweden has an interesting tactic in their latest poster campaign - each headline is a big fat lie.
"Cigarette filters contain mouse droppings" reads one poster, "Girls smoke more than boys because they're stupid" reads another.
Ann-Therese Enarsson from non-smoking generation explains the idea: "The tobacco companies lie all the time, they've lied about everything from the content of cigarettes, and denied that any health problems are caused by them, now we use the same tactic. We are lying 'til our face turns blue, but the quotes are so outrageous I don't think there is any risk they'll be taken as true. The idea is that people should visit our homepage and find the truth."
You can see A non smoking generations previous poster and print campaigns here.

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has anyone got a link to see any of these ads? (that is, the new Swedish ones) - thanks

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Got this little one from the swedish campaign:

and this is the other one;

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The campaign feel a lot like the campaign that OAS did about illegal booze.

But NSG have a tradition in doing advertising by schock - already Arbman's and Alf Mork did it at the late sixties.

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There was a poster by David Carson "Cigarettes Shrink Dicks - If tobacco companies can lie, so can we." Badland, anyone?

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Get away, really? One of the Non-smoking-generations headlines does read: "Boys get a smaller penis if they start smoking when they're young."

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The evidence for the prosecution:

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