One Show Interactive Judging : Final Day

The crew has grown weary and slow. Pulled pork sandwiches and cheesy pasta for lunch hasn't helped. There are fewer engaging conversations, but still some bursts of passion. Right about now, I'm longing for the bygone 80's era of advertising when cocaine and vodka were constant and relentless companions. Instead I'll just suck down this, my fourteenth Coke Zero and plug on. Despite the long days, we have seen some incredible work. It's really interesting how quickly trends move through our industry. Looking at entries like Modernista!'s self-promotional non-site (, seems like we've covered ten years of innovation in the past 12 months. Also makes you realize, in this era of constant innovation, sometimes going first means being the only one to go. For example, Skittles' new site ( is receiving all sorts of negative feedback because it's so similar to Modernista's original idea. Rightfully so, perhaps. But is it wrong to copy something if its a good idea? After all, isn't that what our entire business is based on? Stealing from Hollywood on behalf of our clients? It's just now we have more sources to steal from.

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I think what grates me the most about the twittles, sorry, skittles copy of the Modernista! idea was that it really looked like they used the same exact code (they aren't) and in a business of selling ideas it irked me that Modernista! wasn't the agency who got paid for it.