Organic the meaningful matchmaker between brands and consumers

When I met Shane Ginsberg and Marita Scarfi our interview turned into a walking one, as I explained here, my Cannes was very strange this year. You don't have to sit down to soak up smart though, and I found Organics way of thinking to be very refreshing. Organic doesn't use the web as a brand, nor as a tool, they'll look at it all from the point of view of the consumer.

Marita Scarfi might be a live Peggy Olsen, she started in a junior-finance position and is now the CEO running the show. Clearly she knows her stuff like the back of her hand, and is wisely reinvesting Organics talent in Organic. She told me about their initiative in Organic: "We'll bring ideas to senior management that we'd like to invest in, and then do them. Clients are very visual, they want to see how things work, see something tangible, so when we have something to show them it can happen. Otherwise you spend a lot of time just talking about it."

Shane Ginsberg, head of development, explains further: "We look at what people are doing on the web, we want to understand that mindset of people who use it on a daily basis, and then we reconcile that to what the business objectives may be for the brand. We'll figure out how to apply the technology to the business challenge to give the consumer something they'd want to engage in." This is how Organic has helped Chrysler for almost a decade as their lead digital agency.

We talk about hacking stuff, culture, peoples habits, and Shane reinforces their thought: "It's not about being where the people are on the web, it's about giving them something more in the way they use it, where they already are. A step further, and a more meaningful way of connecting with the brand."

We chat about too many other things, but I'm left with this: Organic knows that advertising, and branding is evolving in a much more consumer-centric way than ever before. And they're on it.

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