Paris Hilton T-mobile account cracked = marketing?

So the web is again abuzz after seeing images of Paris Hiltons tit-self portraits, a skill she has honed ever since the end of that sex tape video. She might be snogging Eglantina Zing in one of these shots but we're not sure if that is the MTV Latin America VJ. This storm in Paris a-cup is only a few months after she was caught stealing her sex-tape. Now it appears that her T-mobile phone has been cracked - or as some rumors say, she was conned out of her password.

Hilton Hacked is a website that hosts the files found on paris T-mobile, where the rumor might be confirmed "The previous information was obtained using social engineering tactics" it reads. T-mobile gave Paris her phone early, as a way to get a little publicity for the toy... They might regret that move today as the publicity isn't of the good sort. Her adressbook with Vin Diesels phonenumber and notebook is now open for all to see. The oddest thing about this story and the reason I see it fit to post are the persistent speculations that this is in itself, some sort of viral advertising campaign leaked on purpose for T-Mobile. We knew ad creep was bad, but didn't know that people would get that cynical, that fast.

MSNBC quotes a source close to Paris as saying:

"It became obvious to her what was going on," says the source. "She was pretty upset about it. It's one thing to have people looking at your sex tapes, but having people reading your personal e-mails is a real invasion of privacy.

Right, well I guess we have different definitions of what should be private. Then again perhaps the source knew more than we do in regards to that tape.
update The story has of course reached CNN Paris Hilton hacking victim?, where the T-mobile name gets it's 15 minutes.

According to Zidar, Hilton used the Sidekick II, a multi-purposed personal electronic device that uses an online server to store at least some information, including phone numbers.

While Zidar said it is possible for the information on that device to be hacked from the company's server remotely, the company is still investigating the specifics of Hilton's case.

Zidar said that since Sunday night a number of sites had posted Hilton's personal contacts, but the sites kept changing as the Secret Service, which Zidar said investigates computer crimes, shuts them down.

The secret service!? Sorry, I have misunderstood I guess. I thought the Secret Service guarded the President of the United States and were not some kind of computer-crime-cops. Just goes to show ya, you learn nothing from watching too much american TV. ;)
Definition "the United States intelligence agency that protects current and former presidents and vice presidents and their immediate families and protects distinguished foreign visitors; detects and apprehends counterfeiters; suppresses forgery of government securities and documents "

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Dabitch's picture

Some has already set up shop to make a quick buck from the ironic hipster types in regard to this.... Ok, so "Paris made me change my number" is kinda funny.. For five minutes maybe.

James_Trickery's picture

The hackers sites aren't being taken down as fast as Mr Zidar in that CNN article thinks.... is still standing.

And look.. Isn't that Demi Moore... Holding a T-Mobile no less? Oh yes it is.

caffeinegoddess's picture

I find it very amusing she has so many pictures of herself on that thing. Although not surprising in the least.
Maybe there's a Bush/Hilton affair going on that he's got the Secret Service taking care of her or something ;) Now that would be funny/scary. ;)

Dabitch's picture

It's a little strange.. Well, people have been that narcissistic before but her phone had maybe 90% self-portraits which is just way too narcissistic....

I'm curious about the SS going after those whose post the images, and thus posted the images. Lets see if they call. Seriously. Inquiring minds want to know.

Apparantly the SS always were the computer crime folks, I did not know that (and neither did that web dictionary I link but perhaps I did not understand it). Someone told me they deal with computer crime last night anyway.

James_Trickery's picture

If they don't contact you and ask to remove the images... Can we conclude this is an advertising campaign?

Sneaky, you are.

Dabitch's picture

If they have to contact everyone there are at least 1007 blogs according to Technorati who have reposted at least one of the images.
If it's a planned "viral" of some sort, that aint bad.

caffeinegoddess's picture

That's what I've heard too. Scary to think that I've learned something about the government from Paris Hilton. ;)

AnonymousCoward's picture

Another mirror of paris hilton hack. Attention, NOT SAFE FOR WORK! Check it out if you haven't seen it yet. There's also a Nicky Hilton photo I haven't seen anywhere else. The numbers don't work anymore though :-(

Dabitch's picture

Even the national newspaper (tabloid) published the images in the print edition the other day. Boy oh Boy, the secret service are gonna be BUSY PEOPLE man... ;)