Paul and Linus at Fallon do a Mahir.

Sometime last week the Currylink started making it's rounds. It was a link to that made a few people laugh and pass it on. When I saw the Swedish idiom in literal translation "do you think I am out bicycling" I got curious and did a Whois lookup to find out who made this.

The lookup revealed that the domain was bought by:

901 Marquette Ave Suite 32
MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55402 US 6123212345

and so were the domains for
Roy a.k.a. Mr. Demolition -
and Super Greg - People on adlist and elsewhere wondered if someone was trying "to do a Mahir", and if so, why? Would it work as advertising?

Soon enough our spy in the states Wes from, found this in Ad Age on Monday with this little blurb. It reveals the site where Curry and Mr Demolition are the stars, it is part of a television campaign.