PETA got another billboard banned

Azcentral reports that a billboard featuring a sultry-looking Bonnie-Jill Laflin will not be seen in Helena.

PETA lets you download the ad in .pdf format under that link, and explains their actions. Those truly interested in how animals are treated at rodeos (without PETA's FUPOV) - where the animals are sports-animals, complete with stars much like basketball played by humans - should research here.

PBRnow animal welfare , Prorodeo, and Rodeo . Hat tip to Clayton for ranting on adlist.


Bonnie-Jill Laflin

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sexy as hell. cheap tactic.

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the sexier they make'm, the more they get banned or refused, the more they get free press because they got banned or refused


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I think the real reason Lamar in Helena said no to the PETA billboard is they knew they would be run out of town if they put it up. Come on, this is a rodeo lovin' State, and a place where bumper sticks have PETA on them, of course on the bumper sticker there is also verbage that says People Eating Tasty Animals. I can see the scene unfolding as the billboard is being put up, of couse it would be strategically located by the entrance to the Lewis and Clark County Fairgrounds, where yes famous Montana rodeos are held. Hundreds of people would be calling Lamar screeming! Here in Montana, rodeo is a lifestyle. I would invite any of the PETA folk to come to our home, where my daughter and her barrel racing horse reside, along with the four other horses we have. The horses, even the non-athletes are treated like high dollar athletes. Best feed, best care, and I might add the amount of money we have tied up in trailers, barn, tack, feeders, auto water, etc, all fuels the local economy. No wonder Lamar said negative!

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I think you have a point there.

and whats with PETAs shocking tactics? It seems like they are constantly preaching to the converted by offending other possible recruits.

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PETA exploits women to further their cause - they show a lot more skin than fur.