vs Creative Calendar - keep track of award shows, nothing beats T-minus countdown

Couldn't help but notice that the calendar with all the various important photo award dates listed, is a tad similar to the recent Creative Calendar with all the important award dates listed.... At least in the base idea, list award deadlines on calendar. Not in execution, they're miles apart in style. Also, one is for a client while the other is self-promo for Leo Burnett, so they care about different award shows too.

Photolibrary created by Brandcom Middle East UAE in 2008. The Creative Calendar made by Leo Burnett, Paris 2011

They're both quite nice, the illustrations on the Creative Calendar perhaps more so, but they really can't hold a calendar.. sorry - candle - to the most recent high-tech twist on this idea.

Yes, T-minus countdown the award show screensaver and app that acts as a clock ticking down to when you need to enter each award. We've called it the must have app. It's neat, and you simply must have it.

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