Pin Up Girls Galore!

Sex sells - sex Varga's style sells even better. End of class.

Pin-up Girls!trixie..


Agency: Benenson Janson Los Angeles, C.A.

AD: Howard Benenson

CW: Barbi Needle

Found in Archive 1 1996

First Headline reads:Obviously she aroused more than his curiosity.

Second headline:He used to brag about his self-control.

Client: LEE

Agency: Fallon McElligott Minneapolis

AD: Don't Know
CW: dunno either

First Headline Reads: He said the first thing he noticed was your great personality, he lied.

2nd headline: From across the room he won't be able to tell you have a great sense of humor.

Payoff: Lee The brand that fits.

A case of Copy-catting or a 'whoops we had the same idea' ? The Art Direction with the fuzzy white around the girls is getting spookily similar...What do You Think? (I keep asking this hoping someone might push that comment button) [if you can't see one it's because you are not logged in]

The Lee ads were made after the Trixie Ad's....... So one can if one wants to, guess who is the bad guy.

Personally, I just think the Trixie ads are better, better looking, better line, suits the product more since Trixi sells true pin-up fashion, and jeans are in my personal opinion very un-sexy, no matter how girlie the dang cut. What do you think?

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