Pizza Boomerang, it flies, it slices off body parts, it's al dente

The latest stunt from Sofa Experience Communications who are apparently a bunch of nutters having a great time in Barcelona, is the Boomerang Superhero / God. A man who invents the Ultima Pizza. One that won't burn your mouth, can travel across the earth, cut off the penises of flashers - wait, what? - and return back to the God still suitably hot and al dente to boot. Not that I'd wanna eat any pizza that's been through all that but it takes all kinds, and that song sticks to your head like pizza dough does to your hair.

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Pizza Boomerang lol!!!

What on earth is this video about? When I saw the title I thought it cannot be a pizza flying in the air lol, then watched it, found hilarious when the lady is sitting on the bench and the bloke get his little peenut cut. Was this a publicty on TV??? No way.