Poking fun at the riots and British Tourism ads (now pulled off air due to riots)

The British Tourism adding "They are not appropriate at this time". No kidding! The ads were actually running in BBC iPlayer programmes overseas, and likely appeared more than once coupled with BBC coverage of the riots.

It was of course bound to happen then, that someone decided to start mocking the British Tourism ads, with this parody. Visit Britain! Bring home a flat screen telly!

It wasn't the only riot-themed parody to appear online though. Images of the "riot olympics" were passed around on G+ and twitter, unknown origin - while the faboo "Calm the fuck down" was created by @AdzLamb and spotted on Adzlamb.tumblr.

Hot tip, if you felt left out of the rioting you could always use tinyriot.jp on your iphone to make your office seem like the gates of hell.

The most epic of all riot images however, has got to be this photoshop job.
via Dickon_L

British Tourism sure have their work cut out for them in the future.

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That last image is epic.

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Or a pic, depending on who you ask. ba-dum-tssk! Try the salmon.