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PottyMouthTM shirt up for grabs.

You heard rumours about these shirts, you received emails about these shirts, you read articles about them (at Shots, no less) .. Now you want one!

If you haven't yet gone to PottyMouthTM to simply buy a PottyMouth-baby-T (a bargain at 20 bucks considering this is a very limited edition), you can win one here...

I have two (that's right - one for teeny girls with a pink dot, and one for little boys, with blue dot ...) of these "I'm proof that my Mom likes to fuck"- shirts here.

They've been donated to Adland by Chad Rea at KesselsKramer - the man with the wicked mind who made these shirts.

Chad says that reactions have been mixed - some people find the shirts hilarious and others, internet watchdog groups, try to get the site selling the shirts banned.

The PottyMouth site has gotten loads of suggestions for new slogans, such as "Eight seconds of pleasure, eighteen years of hell", but right now, no follow-up has been planned.

Let's change that.

To be eligible to win either one of these shirts - write a better slogan. Simple - click on "send your comment" up there to the right, and let your inspiration roam free.

As a non-member, you can comment - but you will be disqualified simply because, as a non-member, I can't reach you via email, d'oh. Sign up first. It's simple. It's free. It's fun. Ok, so I lied on that last one. ;-)

Deadline is the 1st of April. Kidding. The 2nd of April. I'll read all the suggestions and get together with king-of-slogans Chad Rea himself and choose the one which amuses us the most. Winner #1 and #2 will be notified via email and as usual, I don't care if you live on the moon or in the Sahara - I'll snailmail your prize anywhere.

If you really believe you have a winning slogan - go ahead - specify Boy or Girl already in your post.

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Sniff my diaper. (co-ed)
You think I'm crabby now, wait 'till I'm on the rag! (girl)
... and my personal favorite:Show me your tits! I'm hungry. (boy)

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..or tees for your pet - "I'm proof that my mom likes it doggy style"