Presidential double whammy

The race - or non race as the case may be - of the US presidents inspired many a joke, ads and articles here at Adland already, but here's a new twist - repetitive topical ads. Badland next!

On Monday the 13th of November, E James White Communications - from Washington D.C. - ran an ad with the by now infamous ballot as their visual. On Friday the 17th, Apple - leader of making bubblegum flavoured computers - ran a similar ad also with the ballot as a visual.

Apples ad ran on friday the 17th of November and was noted on the net, like in
Mac Central online. .

The headline of the Apple ad states: Never underestimate the power of design. and signs off explaining that apple has been making tools for designers since Carter was in the White house.

The E James White ad asks:How has poor Art Direction affected your life? and signs off selling the services of a good agency where the Art Directors know a thing or two about design.

I have only one thing to add - Apple should stick to designing the outside of these colorful boxes they make, as this ad was too little, too far fetched, and too late. ;-) Ripoff? Naaah - idea god messin' , clearly. Hot topic button and all. Coincidence methinks. What do you think?

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