PTC convinces Toyota to stop advertising on Nip/Tuck

Brandweek reports that the Parents Television Council has persuaded yet another advertisier to stop buying ad time during FX's Nip/Tuck. Gateway and Coors walked away from the show in 2003 after being sent letters by the group.

According to the PTC, Toyota was sent regular rundowns of the show's racier elements, along with a DVD featuring specific hot-button scenes. In its letters to sponsors, the advocacy group characterizes Nip/Tuck as being "one of the most sexually explicit, profane and violent television programs in the history of American television."

John Solberg, senior vp of public relations for FX, said the activities of the PTC aren't exactly going to keep the network's executives up at night. Solberg pointed out that the first seven episodes of season three have averaged 2.8 million viewers in FX's target 18-49 age group, making it the top-rated show in the demo across all of basic cable.

Solberg also noted that Nip/Tuck's CPMs "are as high, if not higher than any other program on basic cable."

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The PTC? What a bunch of goddamn fascists! Why is it that every fundamentalist, bible thumping fringe group feels the need to try and punish those with whom they disagree?! Seriously!

Personally, I think Nip/Tuck is garbage television. But if that's what people want to watch, that's their problem. And if advertisers want to reach these people, what's the problem with that?

Is it immoral, somehow? Putting your messages in places where you know your target group congregates? Indirectly profiting from content that people seek out and enjoy?


This whole legislation of taste is bullshit and makes me want to move to some of the countries whose programs have been shown on "The World's Most Shocking Videos."

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Didn't these groups used to just protest by not buying the products?

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This would never happen to the Sopranos.... Hang on, one might learn something from that... I wonder what tho... Hmmmmmmmmm.