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Puma hijacks Stockholm library as ad-canvas for beamvertising. Forgot to ask for permission.

Dagens Media reports that Puma made a marketing mishap last Thursday when they projected a commercial onto the Stockholm city library. (An utterly gorgeous building designed by Gunnar Asplund, by the way.) Seems that the agency AdCity Media forgot to sort everything out before using the famous building as Johanna Hansson, the Director of the library, says to Dagens Media: "We have not given permission for this, and do not want to be used as advertising space. We are a library, and as such should be impartial and free."
Even the client wasn't informed, as Puma's marketing director, Rickard Kull said: "I'm not totally up to speed on the media plan. It is Adcity Media who has done the advertising."

Unlike the previous Puma mishap - oh yes you remember the sperm-splash Puma pitch-ads that did a tour around the world after showing up here at Adland 2003 - this mistake was given the green light by Puma. Somehow.

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Motto: do ads first, ask for permission later.

It works out until someone calls the bomb squad.