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Quark hopes other shops will follow Cramer-Krasselt

Quark today released a press release touting the fact that Cramer-Krasselt has committed to QuarkXPress 6.5. Yippie. From the press release:

"Quark has been extremely supportive throughout this process," said Dave Botma, production graphics director of Cramer-Krasselt. "The core features of QuarkXPress 6.5 and the XTensions modules enable our users to express their creativity and meet the needs of our clients. Furthermore, the assistance of Quark's field team, coupled by their desire to work with us to provide us with the best possible service, gives us a sense of a true partnership."
"We are appreciative of the commitment by Cramer-Krasselt to use QuarkXPress for their creative work," said Richard Pasewark, vice president of sales for the Americas, Quark. "Cramer-Krasselt's results are indicative of the breadth of functionality and production capability found in QuarkXPress. Their continued input on the product will enable us to deliver new enhancements for them and other customers in this important market."

This new version of Quark uses the new logo Dabitch posted about in BadLand back in September.

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Due to their arrogance and extremely slow innovation, Quark has lost the race to InDesign. They might as well pull the plug and close down.

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It's nice to see Quark trying to make a comeback...But I'll have to agree they didn't keep up with the competition, and it seems that, nowadays, InDesign has taken over...Which is a shame, because I think Quark is actually far easier to use.

Anyway. Nice try. They now need to get some other agencies on board...

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ughh... old line media... quark/indesign, what diff does it make?
the most annoying thing i've had happen in the last 18 months (work related) was when a large agency client switched from producing boards in photoshop to producing them in indesign... what a PITA.
one major worry i have is that now that the Macromedia and Adobe merger has gone through, is that freehand will disappear. Generally, it spanks both quark and indesign for quick stuff on multiple pages.... and it does vector design.
ah well, such is the life in the world of big biz

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