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Quentin Tarantino stars as uncle Tara-chan in Japanese SoftBank ads

Quentin Tarantino

You'll have to give props to Quentin Tarantino for decking out in hakama, saying his lines in Japanese and choosing to do a cameo as Uncle Tara-chan in the quirkiest Japanese soap-opera ad campaign running as of late. The SoftBank ads feature a family where mom is your regular mom, but father is a Hokkaido-ken dog (real name Kaikun). Quentin isn't the first American celeb to shill softbank, Brad Pitt was starring as the sumo wrestler's humble assistant in an earlier campaign run. He's in good company with the White family, the daughter, "Me", is played by popular celebrity singer actress Aya Ueto, and the brother Oniisan is played by Brooklyn born american actor Dante Carver - he has is own youtube channel at sec2productions.

I'm a fan of this nutty family hard-selling soap opera, after all the father sighs at the night sky, Loves steak, steals cake and worries about his weight, just like any sympathetic dad. He's just a dog. A dog that can see it "in their eyes" of other dogs. A dog that occasionally wanders.

cnngo said: "We don't know what the message is either, but we can safely assume that Tarantino has checked off the box for "star in crazy Japanese TV commercial" on his master "To Do Before I Die" list."

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