A real red nose day for Paul Kaye

Red Nose Day is a UK wide fundraising event organised by Comic Relief every two years. It culminates in a night of TV treats on BBC ONE to raise funds for charities in the UK and Africa.
This year, Asa Bailey Viral Advertising has helped out by producing a hard-hitting (literally) viral campaign for the UK charity. But now the charity have distanced themselves from it asking Asa Bailey to take of any reference to the charity, after the viral was deemed far too violent.
The viral clip is violent for real as the comedian Paul Kaye and a group of UK break dancers put on a skit but in the midst of shooting a fake headbutt went terribly wrong. On his que Paul Kaye entered the breakdancing ring and accidently headbutted a dancer for real, splitting his own nose in the process (ow!) and knocking the unlucky dancer unconscious...Brings a whole new meaning to red nose day doesn't it? After a few tense minutes both actor and dancer were given the all clear and the show went on. See the violent viral that Red Nose Day '05 don't want you to see here.

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And now the Asa Bailey clip has been seeded on Kontraband.com
, not only that it's gone straight in at number 1 on their top 20, thats 100,000
views a day right away. So there's not much chance of it not going viral now.


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It doesn't seem very professional of you to seed a campaign that the client has nixed.

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The only comic Relief ad that I can find searching at Kontraband is the ipod one. Nothing turns up on searching "red nose day" nor when searching "Paul Kaye". What should I search on to find it? Or are you just bullshitting? Nothing even resembles it in the top twenty list.