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Return Trip to Oz

Another company does it again! M&M'S candy has targeted a classic movie icon that's had a run-in with the commercial life once before.

"When the clock struck midnight on December 31, 2003, the M&M'S Brand world was rocked by an abrupt loss of color." says the article on the official M&M's Website. It's another M&M'S contest! As mentioned, the M&M'S have lost their color. This is the perfect opportunity to target the one movie made famous for it's sepia to color transfer. MGM's "The Wizard of Oz" of course! The M&M'S have been cast in the roles of a life time, grouping in to Dorothy's bedroom for the ending scene of the classic 1939 movie.

Dorothy wakes up to find the M&M'S standing near her bed. Red, Blue, and Green are standing next to her (Reminds you of three farm hands, doesn't it?) and Yellow is situated outside Dorothy's bedroom window, just like a certain professor. The M&M'S gang calms Dorothy, explaining she just had a bad dream. Dorothy thinks otherwise. She points at each M&M, telling them what their original colors had been, "But it wasn't a dream! You were blue...you were red...and you were yellow!" Yellow looks a little surprised. Dorothy sits up. "Boy, it was a lot better that way."
The amazing technology of today does it again, combining original movie footage with all new images. This isn't the first time "The Wizard of Oz" has received this commercial treatment. You all probably remember the famous FedEx ad featuring the low-pitched Munchkins in Munchkinland. This new M&M'S feature is equally stunning, if not more. Though I must say, it is quite shorter which makes things a little disappointing.
Also, a little side note: M&M'S has carried the whole 'Oz' thing a little further, adding a delightful little flash cartoon of Yellow and Red being chucked into Kansas via tornado. Want a peek? Watch it here at: https://www.m-ms.com/
Outstanding M&M'S! But you might want to tone down on the contests. Leave a little breathing space.

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