RSS feeds with ads in them are here to stay.


The New York Times has an article about ads in RSS, "Marketers See Opportunity as a Web Tool Gains Users" (printer friendly) which opens with the line "THE fledgling R.S.S. business is starting to attract some attention from those catering to Internet advertisers." (R.S.S? They mean RSS.)
Dammit, it's finally here - just as we''ve been chatting about it. We wondered How long will RSS be ad-free? back in Feb 2004, and saw inklings of RSS with ads? later that year where Wired reported on more feeds with ads and we found more bloggers dropping ad-filled-feeds. I and many other bloggers have been listing the pro's and con's on RSS and ads in them in the e-book that brags to be everything you wanted to know about RSS but were afraid to ask.. In April this year Google adsense finally started beta testing ads in RSS feeds, even though they kicked blogger Pentdego off their program for doing the exact same thing last year. With Google, Pheedo, Feedster and Yahoo offering ads for feeds I guess it's safe to say now that RSS ads are here to stay.
Now, who'll build the first RSS ad blocker? Any takers?

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  • philmang's picture

    interesting idea - need kind of a tivo for rss....

    Jul 07, 2005

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