The Rubberburner story - and clips!

Paul Malmström reveals what I already suspected in previous posts. The rubber burner films were removed from the and sites as they were taking up too much bandwidth. 'I guess Lee didn't really expect that it would take off the way it did.' says Paul Malmström one half of the creative team behind these ads, the other half being Linus Karlsson. Thousands and more thousands have visited the sites over the past week.

"We actually shot the films for the sites during our lunch break at the shoot of the BuddyLee commercials in London. Then that night, we went home and made "crap" homepages for them."

Curry shows the Tiger move.

In response to how they spread the URL's, it was actually quite simple.

Paul says: "we made the QTfilms first and sent them around to a bunch of friends, who thought they were funny and passed them on, later we put up the homepages on a server belonging to our client BuddyLee, owned by Vanity Fair, and passed out the links best we could. I didn't even know that it was on linked on! A few films were a bit "iffy" - or just not as funny- and we removed them from the sites.
We also made radio, where the Curry calls the offices of Lee asking to fight with BuddyLee, and the poor soul on the other end replies 'but, it's only a doll'.
These were real crank calls.
There are posters in the campaign as well, and the TV commercials are already being shown but the big media rollout is on ABC in September. I wish we could update these fake homepages more and faster, I don't like the idea that someone in Romania falls for it and feels "cheated" when he discovers it is an ad. Here in the states, it's different, everything will come at once, first the homepage, radio, posters, then TV, and the viewer can add two and two together and solve the puzzle.
I hope they just find it funny, even after they know that it is advertising. Actually, I think they will, people have talked to me about it and most find it hysterical. We're are certainly not the first to utilize the internet to create a "media virus" or whatever you want to call it in this way. Look at the Blair Witch Project. They had millions fooled building the hype, some people still believe it is a real documentary."

Now for the big candy. Guess who has all the films? Here they are one by one, kids.

Note: lost some films after many years of hosting see also: Buddy Lee and Co. eventually make the news, Lee is a social disease! The Buddy Lee strategy revealed! and our previous posts More on the illegitimate children of the Lee advertising campaign and Paul and Linus at Fallon do a Mahir.

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I agree, and I'm damn jealous that they had the climate at their agency to allow the "Why the Hell Not" of making these fake pages. :) It's a good attitude, let's see s'more fun being had in advertising, please! Also, I find it quite interesting that in the polls here most people thought "ad-viruses" were ok, as long as they are creative. I expect the crowd around here would think tattooing mothers nipples to target kids was ok, as long as the idea was creative. :)) And I would definitely watch the buddy lee vs Mr Bill match. Next on MTV's celebrity deathmatch perhaps?

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I LOVE Rubberburner! I have been telling people about Rubberburner for at least 2 years. Go Curry!!

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I've found that the sites, as they were are mirrored these days, You can see Roy BordtoDestroy's site there and the Original Rubberburner site is mirrored here.

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