Rumormill - Microsoft responds to Mac vs. PC ads with Jackass?


Over at a blog called Cajunboy there's an email from a guy who was in a focusgroup which he deducted was for Microsoft. Seems they might be testing out a new hero for their next ad campaign... Namely Johnny Knoxville a.k.a that Jackass guy.

But what struck me as the funniest thing out of all of this was that it appears as though Johnny Knoxville might be their answer to Justin Long. We were shown some marketing material featuring Knoxville, including one commercial in which he falls and drops his PC in Jackass type stunt, but then a "don't worry about losing your data if your computer becomes destroyed because you're a jackass because the new Windows automatically backs up to files for you" message was delivered.

Wouldn't that be a hoot? Too easy for apple fans to knock them down with a thousand jackass jokes. I'll start with the easy one: "Don't be a jackass, buy a mac."

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