wins Cannes gold with audi poster

Like I mentioned earlier, saatchi&saatchi won gold with their Audi poster in Cannes today.

for your viewing pleasure, we have three shots of said poster as it rusts away to reveal the audi.
(Read more to see it.)

it starts out rather innocently, a full sheet metal poster. In rainy wet spring Denmark, this won't last long...

soon we can see patches of rust on the sheet metal.. and a part of the poster that isn't being attacked by rust.

at the end of one month, one poster has both played teaser and punchline, as we can now see the audi A2 and headline, which was applied with lacquer on the steel sheet.

aluminum doesn't rust.

creators Simon Wooller and Morten Kjær saatchi. Congratulations kiddos.

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This rules.