The Satin Pajama awards!

The Euro-blog fistful of euros has created a European weblog award, The Satin Pajama awards. We're thrilled to be nominated in the category Best Weblog, as you adgrunts know AdLand is quite a borderless country, which just happens to be hosted in Denmark by a Swedish gal. ;)
Won't you give us your vote? Oh, and there are very nice fellow nominees you should look at, for example Viewropa is a community blog with posts on anything related to Europe and Swedish in 1000 difficult lessons by expatriate Francis Strand amuses me on a regular basis.

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I know that Petite Anglais has promised to pose in a satin Pyjama if she wins, so she is getting many many votes........

Do I have to promise to pose in my latex bikini to reach her numbers of votes or what? Hmmm?