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This is the season... To copy other's ideas!

’ingle ’ells, ’ingle ’ells — the holidays aren’t the same without J&B

This is the season.. to steal good ideas! In the spirit of things. No pun intended. Leave them letters out. Somethings missing here..... Remember the famous J&B campaign? Remember this classic ad above? Well, I do.  ’ingle ’ells, ’ingle ’ells — the holidays aren’t the same without J&B.


The creatives over at BBDO in Amsterdam apparently don't.. Or maybe they remember it better than we do? Because this looks quite... Inspired, shall we say?


"Zonder MM wordt het niets" means without MM there is none - which is more or less exactly the same as saying "The holidays aren't the same without J&B"


This ad for MM ran last year right before the big countdown for the year 2000 - the J&B advertising campaign (yes there was a whole campaign) with the missing letters began in 1990 if memory serves me right.

I know I had a terrible time trying to track the J&B ad down so a great thank-you to Alec from Adlist who found it.


The MM ad has that extra pun built in which only people who know roman numerals will spot. See it?

There ya go, your parents are happy your college years weren't completely wasted. ;)

I really don't know if it was intentional but it does make the ad funnier.

Still - they have no shame ripping off old classic campaigns. Either that or they did spend their advertising college years wasted. HELLOOO wake UP! J&B is a classic famous campaign that ran for YEARS! Here's the 1995 version! 


And a very merry holiday to you all - and a happy 2001. :-)



Edit: Did you guys see them H&M ads/posters in NYC this summer (2001).


They proudly stated "_HATS _ISSING in SOHO?".


Well, H&M, naturally.


Now stop it.

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