September Tapes tries a Blair Witch viral approach

Read Carefully the site advises, "If you’ve found me, you’ve seen the clip and you’re someone willing to dig a little deeper". The clip is at and carries the text "E. Bruderton, property of Bureau section7" on it.

If the Afghanistani shoot-out scene seem very real to you it's because they sortof are. This is all hype for the upcoming august release of September Tapes, possibly the first Western production to shoot entirely in Afghanistan since the fall of the Taliban. Hollywoodreporter has more on the story and says that during certain sequences, bullets whizzing by onscreen are actual live ammunition. So if it looks real, it's because it kinda is. If this will be a succesful Blair witch kind of viral hype remains to be seen.

Hat tip JLB

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NBC13 writes about it not sure what date this was posted.

The footage is certainly compelling enough, with the handheld camera recording a flurry of rocket-propelled grenades flying past the fleeing Americans. It all has a rough, immediate feel to it, similar to what viewers experienced when they first saw "The Blair Witch Project."

In fact, that's an apt comparison, because like "Blair Witch," this footage is part of an upcoming movie.

The site seems to be a bit of viral marketing for "September Tapes," a blend of movie and documentary that is scheduled to be released in August.

The movie's official Web site, located at, contains some footage that appears to be strikingly similiar to the clip posted by the mysterious Eric Bruderton. They both appear to include some of the same faces, and some of the surroundings also appear to be very similiar.
The film is described by the film's distributor as "a rare and controversial look behind the scenes of war-torn Afghanistan, where documentary filmmaker Don Larson traveled to the troubled country six months after 9/11 and followed a bounty hunter on the trail of Osama bin Laden."
"Much of the film

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The Blair Witch thing was way back in 1999, in internet years that is ancient. It worked then, but at that time the internet was kind of new for most people so creating a stirr wasn't that difficult.

I personally think the "is this real?" viral thing is almost impossible to create these days, with all these blogs, fora and sites around. The truth will eventually come out. In internet speed.

Dabitch, hat tip? ; -)

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hehe - I guessed that was you and was about to PM and ask. Naturally you get a hat tip.

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Thanx, my first hat tip on adland!

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It's working on me - I want to see the movie. Those near-hits with that rocket-launcher was pretty exiting, though pretty fake at times.