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Sexy sells everything, even TV shows about widows.

The other day I was surfing around unprotected (and could *gag* see banners, oh the horrors) when I stumbled upon a banner advertising Showtime's two big shows this season - Weeds and The Secret Diary of a call girl. Seems that the right thing to do in order to sell anything is pose sexy.

Silly me, of course, it is, I should have tattooed Adland's URL on my chest years ago and tried to pose for Playboy to generate some buzz. I know you are all reading this because I actually have a chest, right? There can be no other reason for your interest in this here adsite.

(Banner smallified, click on it for full scale)

I get "the secret diary" being styled as a retro pinup shot, not that I have seen the show but I gather it's safe to assume there's quite a bit of sex and sexy going on in that show considering the topic. That's fine. It makes sense to pose Billie/Belle as a pinup even. Hell, stick her in a champagne glass like the sassy burlesque girls do it, (in fact it lends a bit of class to something that sounds like a show seen on a soft-porn channel) I don't care. Oh, that's right, they did.

But the the Weeds mother-of-threetwo? Let's see, the basic idea of the show is that a widowed housewife from an affluent California suburb finds that she has no other options to earn money, so she becomes an upper-middle-class marijuana dealer to make ends meet.

Oh yeah, it makes total sense to pin-up style that character. Except that it doesn't at all. Was this a get two art direction&photo sessions for the price of one deal?

The second season saw Showtime "perfume" ads with a "weed" scent - that makes sense.

Now If you'll excuse me, I need to take a bubble bath in a seven-foot tall champagne glass and then slip into something more comfortable, like a corset and seven-inch heels. Later I'll be lying on my belly typing all my daily posts, wiggling my heel-clad feet in the air and licking a long thin vanilla ice-cream. It's so hot in here I think I might have died. After my daughter comes home from preschool I'll teach her to pose like Farah Fawcett as really that's all she needs to know in life, right?

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I get you. Funny, though – burlesque is very in with the kids round our way. Plenty of twenty-somethings getting into it, in a kind of ironic way. Not that the Weeds poster is very ironic. That Weeds show, by the way, sounds uncannily like a pleasant Britsh movie from a way back - Saving Grace. "Grace has just discovered that her recently deceased husband has left her with an enormous debt when her gardener Matthew (Craig Ferguson, The Big Tease) asks her to help him tend to his small, personal-use marijuana crop." Could they be related?

Anyway, I take it that banner will be a permanent feature of Adland? Just as a warning to others, you understand...

Andreas-Udd's picture

Oh yes, it's a Saving Grace rip-off.

And the links this post got, proves your point doesn't it dab? Please get undressed more often. Ellervafan, nåt sånt. Jag vet inte, det är sent.

Dabitch's picture

Great, Swedish swearing. Now innocent bystanders are going to think you're talking dirty to me or something. Bra grabben, fortsätt så du din jävel.

Neaner's picture

You're feeding your toddler Jolt Cola X2 times the caffeine!?

I want to be reincarnated as your kid.

Dabitch's picture

HA! Naah. Not a permanent feature, what me draping the top lying about eating ice-cream? Gee, I do wonder what that would do for the hit count, *snort*

Funny about burlesque being so in vogue, or rather mainstream now. As I recall hip folk were saying it was so passé way back in 2000. Then again, we did that back in 1994 too. I'd like to be a 20-somethings vampire that lives forever just so I can follow the damn cycles of passé to mainstream to underground to passé again. ;) Either way, bathing in champagne glasses was never tacky. hehe.

department shit you really didn't wanna know anyway, that cocktail dress was my overly optimistic 'pregnancy dress' since it's an empire waist. I was in for quite the surprise when it came to chest girth.

Allan1's picture

I don't mind seeing Mary Louise Parker lounging around in provocative poses and outfits, and the same goes for you too, Åsk. But, you are correct, what the hell does it have to do with what they're selling?!? Billie, at least, is appropriately dressed. I suppose they're trying to tie together the fact that she (MLP), whilst appearing to be an innocent, normal widow in suburbia, is actual dealing in contraband - with the suggestion that because she'll do that, maybe she'll do other things, sexy things...

If you were a 20-something vampire, you'd probably need to wear your "little black dress" [not necessarily this one] most of the time, so that you could appear to be sort of in-step, no matter what the style or time. It'd be neat to witness the changes, over and over and over and over again..... (And, of course, black is so apropos for vampires, and so slimming...)

[I need to ask my wife what you mean about your 'pregnancy dress' - that part I got, it's the waist and chest girth things I don't quite].

Dabitch's picture

Empire waist so that belly has room to expand, serious underestimation on how much the boobs do as well. Shocker!

Allan1's picture

I was correct in my assessment of an Empire waist (which, if I recall, is also kind of high - actually above the waist by several inches), but I didn't realize that someone (the designer, or shop person, or you) underestimated the boobage increase.

MightyTor's picture

I would actually had been quite amused seeing you in one of those champagne glasses, I can't understand how to get into one for a start - a true act of balance.
For the rest, I am as puzzled as you. They couldn't find ANY intriguing thing to tempt with, based on the fact that Weeds is a series about a drug sellning mom, so they had to go for a totally ad hoc, nonexisting sex theme? How creative.

Allan1's picture

The problem with a girl in a champagne glass is that it takes help to get into, and to get out of one of those things.

So, it you would like to come home and find your wife/gf/s.o., etc. waiting for you in a champagne glass [either nude or in lingerie], somewhere along the way, you're going to realize that she had help getting into that glass. And who was it who saw nude or nearly so, and held her so she could get into the glass? Was it one of her gfs, or was it some guy?!?! Hmmm, starting to get suspicous? jealous? ....

Also, the minor troubles involved with getting her out of the glass might exhaust you before you could even get started. :=)

Dabitch's picture

They might have run out of ideas in the previous seasons. We've seen her in a weed bag and referred to as "her highness" already. Out of puns, game over.