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Sloggi is in another bumfight!

Sloggi's derriere fetish is getting tired. Recently a Sloggi spring-string ad has made appearances as a poster in the UK which was apparently located close to mosques. Did the bums do this to make sure someone complained so they could squeeze some free press out of it? Your guess is a good as mine, they got two complaints, and are now appearing all over the British press.

This isn't the first time Sloggi has gotten in the press for their
posteriors, remember when they teamed up with Daewoo to select the best bum where site visitors (females only) sent in pictures of their butts and the best behind could place their winning rump in the seat of a Daewoo car.

Last years pole dancing poster even ticked off the French who usually aren't shy when it comes to female fannies or sensual & sexy ads. The fundamental idea behind Sloggi's campaign seems to be to show as much heinie as possible, in a stiff barbie-doll like poses on the biggest poster sites. If this cheap PR tactic will positive spin on the brand is heads or tails, only our rear view mirror will tell.

looks like Adrants thinks much the same about this campaign: "Sloggi G-Strings Irk Two England Mosques"

Triumps who owns Sloggi has their headquarters at this address:
Triumph International
Spiesshofer & Braun,
Promenadestrasse 24, 5330 Zurzach.

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Looks like he only bum-synonyms you missed out on was "can" and "posterior".

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aye. bummer that. ;)

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