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A small stumble or Youtube's fall from grace? Apple removes youtube app from iOS6

Youtube, google's puppy, has been having a bad time recently. Apple Insider reports that iOS 6 doesn't have the youtube app in it :

...potentially a sign of increased tensions between the two companies which are facing off against each other in both the mobile and connected television segments. Google owns YouTube.

Meanwhile, Youtube effs up the Mars landing, sort of, by taking down NASA's 13 minute clip of the the Rover Curiosity landing from the space agency’s main YouTube channel due to a copyright claim from... a bot?

It’s not exactly clear what happened here. I haven’t yet heard back from NASA or Scripps. But my guess is that an affiliate of the news service had uploaded a video that contained material from NASA’s own stream before NASA itself could upload it. YouTube’s DMCA bots wrongly assumed the video belonged to Scripps. NASA, which has a powerful presence on YouTube, may have likely emailed Google for help getting the video reinstated. Most YouTube uploaders don’t have that luxury.

Bots that do the takedown alerting? Yes, while I actually do it by hand un-crazy businesses know to send bots to fight bots, and that's when things get a little wonky. As the New York Times reports in Internet Pirates will always win, framing a clip with a cat or mirroring it will defeat the copyright-bots trawling youtube in the name of DMCA.

YouTube, which is owned by Google, offers a free tool to the movie studios and television networks called Content ID. When a studio legitimately uploads a clip from a copyrighted film to YouTube, the Google tool automatically finds and blocks copies of the product.

Wait, what was that? "When a studio legitimately uploads a clip from a copyrighted film to YouTube, the Google tool automatically finds and blocks copies of the product.".... Soooo, does this mean that the studio has to upload their copyrighted film to YouTube? I didn't know youtube had taken business ideas from mobster shakedowns, but I'm not at all surprised. Remember "Steal it" And Other Internal YouTube Emails From Viacom's Copyright Suit?

In a July 19, 2005 email to YouTube co-founders Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim, YouTube co-founder Steve Chen wrote: "jawed, please stop putting stolen videos on the site. We're going to have a tough time defending the fact that we're not liable for the copyrighted material on the site because we didn't put it up when one of the co-founders is blatantly stealìng content from other sites and trying to get everyone to see it."

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