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sneak peek at the Eurobest peak

Pssst.. The Eurobest awards Ceremony and Party will be held on 31 January 2003 in London at Vinopolis.

But if you're not planning on going, you can instead torture your colleagues who will be going by name dropping gold winners and spoiling the suspense. ;-)

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Saatchi .dk who won a Cannes Gold for this last June are getting another glittery award, Gold from Eurobest for this "rust to reveal headline" poster [click to see how it worked.]

Simon Wooller and Morten Kjær @ saatchi.dk are buying the celebration drinks.

Who else got something? spill 'em.

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Ho wthe h*ll did you find tis out three weeks before the award show - is that date correct?

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...... well, the "submit news" button allows anyone to submit news - and on occasion people email me stuff too. So, perhaps a juror told me. my lips are sealed. ;-)

(but i'll admit I was pretty happy about the weeks before the real announcement scoop)