Snuggle gets sexy

The Snuggle bear is getting a new image. Apparently consumers are tired of seeing the inside of laundry rooms, so a new campaign was developed for transforming the Snuggle bear into a more hip and suave character.

Below is the new Snuggle ad. It's said to pay "homage to the surreal "Share the Fantasy" campaign for Chanel No. 5 and the arty, black-and-white campaigns for myriad Calvin Klein scents."

Here's a 1990 CK Eternity ad.

Sure these two are not identical and the brains behind the new Snuggle ad admit to it being similar, but why pay homage to perfume/cologne ads? It's an odd leap from clean laundry.

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That's awesome. Kicks butt. The campaign would be too predictable and boring if the Snuggle Bear only showed up in the laundry room.....and only when the woman of the house was alone folding sheets....and possibly drinking help her forget about her cheating husband...rebellious teenage son....and her fading youth...

Dabitch's picture

hahaha, Robblink do all women miss their fading youth?

I agree though, the campaign is good - IF the market is smart enough to get it, then it's spoofing of perfume ads is spot on. It does look a lot like Calvin Klein ads.

claymore's picture

Hmm... If the Snuggle Bear was a heterosexual teddy bear, he'd be getting way more enjoyment out of that boat ride if he'd just turn his head the other way. Woo-hoo!

I wonder if she's going commando?

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snuggle is gay! hahaha!

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anyone else getting tired of the "spoof another advertising genre" thing? I know, the world is more ad-aware and spoofs of perfume ads, bad infomercials, 1980's ads and cable channel ads, as well as ads from the 1960's or recycled ads from the 1950s are all things that the punter will recognise...

i still can't help feeling that it's sorta a cop-out.. as if they can't make their own new succesful genre of advertising. (when making a 'new genre' one needs time/lots of media to hammer it home, so I can understand that most of todays clients that change agencies and campaigns to fast and small budgets prevent this..)

an opinion I'll change the moment I spoof some other kind of ad, naturally. ;))

Dabitch's picture

Not in this case actually.. But I have seen ads spoofing older ads, far too often without any point to it whatsoever. I don't think this spoof falls into that category.

Dabitch's picture

aye. this is at least flattering the audience in a way, saying "you are this media-aware, you get this perfume-connection"... which is a good thing.. I think.. Or does it mean all punters are media-aware cynical bastards these days?

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Ok what I want to know is how much it costs and where I can find it? Can anyone please tell me.

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try the detergent isle.