Social Fatigue - we've twittered, we've facebooked, we've G+....

The Marketoonist Tom Fishburne just took a stab at social fatigue with a spot on comic and blog post. You should have him in your RSS for a giggle-dose.

The arrival of Google+ is a good time to revisit and reevaluate how our brands interact with consumers. It’s not enough for communication to be good for the brand. It has to be good for the consumer.


Brands aren't on Google+ yet, in fact a lot of purging of famous name accounts have been going on recently as G+ finds its bearings in a branded world. First William Shatner got booted, then many more followed including the account of Skud who actually used to work at Google.

Something is up with brands and famous people at G+ though. Mashable has the news that Picasa and Blogger will be retired and folded into G+, and when I go to read that news on Mashable, I get a prompt to 'Join the conversation by adding Mashable's Pete Cashmore to your Circles on Google+'. Interesting......

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