Spam may be the dumbest invention since telemarketing

Short note for frequent visitors, your humble (and ill, so therefore not logged on 24/7 like normal) hostess is getting way too much SPAM lately.

Seems a spambot came by and picked up all available adresses on the site and sold it off to others. Due to the avalanche of identical spams sent to important adresses such as webmaster-at-commercial-archive,,,, (the news-report list) and even must-exist adresses such as "hostmaster" and "postmaster" on several of my domains, I have had to shut these adresses down.
Now, if you wish to contact us here, submit news via the the big submit news button in the top menubar on the far right. If you wish to email images for Badland - send them to hostmaster (I'll leave you to guess which domain.. You are smarter than a bot right.)
Also, the mail all authors at once list, is now at adgrunt. No S. Cool?
I reccomend all of you who share the same problem to sign up with and to systematically kill each spam that arrives in your inbox - what I normally do. Don't let these fucks get away with it.

their blacklist is a godsend and worth supporting. watch out for the Koreans. woop.

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