Spot Runner, canned commercials served cold.

C|net reports on Spot Runner, a place where cookie-cutter commercials can be found for cheap, for as little as $500. "Spot Runner lets advertisers select a generic commercial from its library, personalize the ads and target customers by demographics, networks and neighborhoods."

I had to try this out. The ad that spotrunner reckons should sell Adland to the masses of savvy New Yorkers is this one: film can inspire. H'okay. Or is that hokey?

The comments on c|net are funny, as one snarked back to someone concerned that "SpotRunner poses an iminent threat to the creative well-being of just about every writer and art director in the business. " Save the Ad Status Quo

I am so glad that you articulated this "iminent threat" to the advertising industry. I am sure that most Americans agree that today's TV advertising is a bastion of quality and creative inginuity. It is so very frightening that the beautiful ads we now see, like David Spade hitting his portly co-worker with various objects until he falls over and destroys their office, could be replaced by ads created by people who exist outside the industry.

Like stock photography and high street knockoff fashion, it can never be as cool and perfectly suited to you - or your brand - as tailor made is. That's obvious.

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