Spotlight on 86 the onions - "86ed the rest" - Part Two

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In an effort to appeal to a younger business-savvy audience and move from a product-focused company to a lifestyle brand, NEC Japan commissioned 86 to create 7 subversive web films based on the given theme "Change through a ubiquitous society." AdLand article about the nec campaign with links to all the films here

Action Adhesives. Promotional items for FUEL TV that are handed out at action sports events by scantily clad nurses who kissed boo-boos for free.

Product designs for D.I.Y. surface graphics company. 86 and blik collaborated on designing the interior space of Mattel's Design Center.

Dazed & Confused
MyOwnLittleWorld media deprivation pullovers. Product concept for London lifestyle magazine Dazed & Confused's anti-war issue, HELLNO!

Bionic Arm
86's bi-monthy trade magazine showcasing their latest work, international talent network, cultural and industry insight, plus a whole lot of nonsense.

DB: There has been a lot of discussion in the media and the world about advertisings "moral" responsibilities. Sexist ads are slammed, spam is universally hated, and "ad creep" where soon every public area carries an ad is getting people worried. While this is a fuzzy question, we'd like to hear your input on this, do you think advertising has a "moral responsibility"?

Chad Rea: A tough but great question. I'm not sure all of those issues are moral concerns but I do think advertisers have a responsibility to both society and the environment. It's something I've been thinking about a lot lately, partly due to the documentary, The Corporation. Everyone needs to realize that only people in advertising like advertising, and even then, there are those like myself who hate most of it. If we as an industry cannot figure out smarter ways to make advertising more likeable and less intrusive, consumers will eventually revolt. I hope they do. There is far too much waste out there. And it's all designed to do what? A: Create even more waste. I think I'll go plant a tree now.

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I really fancy the FUEL band-aids. They would so suit me, and god knows I scab my knees all the time.

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I agree. Me wantie!

Nice stuff all around. I like Chad's thinking of smarter ways to make advertisers more likeable and less intrusive. It would be/will be interesting to see if/when the consumers revolt. I do agree that it seems likely, in the not too far future.

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That Chad guy isn't as dumb as he looks. I hear they're hiring, too. I think I'll send them some examples of my brilliance so I can start working on my tan.

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After reading this, I realize that we need to work together at some point. I not only like your work but share your philosophy of marketing. There is too much crap out there giving advertising a bad name. To me, the thing that really seperates the good from the bad is passion and veracity. There is too much work out there without a genuine reason for being. Talk soon.

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i want to host a pinata making class once a week(maybe twice now that i think about it) because pinatas encompass both happiness and destruction all in one and that's pretty rare. not as rare as the burmese coin i bought from a french collecter name claude, but rare enough. i also want to show my pinatas to chad so he can like them and say, "yeah, i like your pinatas, now come out here and work for me!"

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Great work, good article. That Bionic Arm looks like a must have for my essential reading list.

Dab, thanks, you don't get nearly enough kudos for starting this and giving us so many interesting things to read. I would never have heard of 86 the onions if it weren't for you.

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Some really nice art direction and outstanding creative thinking here. Thanks Chad and Dab.

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